Every Story Has a Beginning

Naming posts, blogs, and companies can be challenging, especially when you feel there is a lot at stake. The feeling is the important thing. The perception.

You can have a hundred whiz-bang features rolled into a product or service but if the potential customers don't feel that you understand them, they're going to move on.

That's the story of Savvy White Papers and the White Glove B2B blog. Every marketer, salesman, entrepreneur, and thief needs to understand their target audience. What's their persona? How old? How young? Where are they from? Where'd they go to school?

What do they care about?

That. Is the key.

Some of us, particularly introverts, will deny the need for the spotlight but when it comes to people talking to us, you need to get it right. Content marketing is about getting it right. Condescension doesn't fly any more. Neither does in-your-face sales.

White Glove B2B is the tool to support my mission to help people get it right. Details when you need them. A fly-over when you don't.