Writing lets me mesh my skills, experience, and talent to create copy that helps you do your job better. Much better.

On the personal side… I’m a mom to 2 amazing sons. Robotics, a trampoline and pool, and normal kid stuff keep them busy.  As for me, I’ve taught Art Masterpiece classes to first graders, passed the CPA exam on the first shot (back in the day when you sat for all 4 parts over two very, very long days), was an exchange student in South America, can juggle 3 balls for 30 seconds or so, and originally hail from the green mountain state of Vermont.

I’m a furniture junkie. You can often find me haunting Craigslist to find diamonds in the rough. In my spare time…I get a kick out of making pieces gorgeous and useful once again. My good intentions occasionally cause a little backlog in the garage like my current one of some Mersman nesting tables, a tea cart from the 20’s and an awesome domed trunk from 1890 or so.

That’s a bit about me.  If you’re in the market for a freelance writer to supplement your own stellar staff, please give me a call. I’d love to talk about your market, media and message needs.


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